even superheroes need sidekicks

Your organization has amazing potential and your people do too.  With BlueShor at your side, you'll accelerate the growth of your people and your business.​

what we do

With over 25 years of strategy and leadership development experience,
Marcia Nuffer saw the potential for fast-growing companies to differentiate themselves and accelerate their performance through world-class talent solutions.  
BlueShor delivers those solutions, tailored to the unique needs of growing organizations and their exceptional people.  
Leadership Development

Our expertise in both strategy and leadership development ensures you focus on the capabilities and roles that matter most and that your people improve on-the-job performance long after a program. With BlueShor, you can expect:

  • Leadership development approaches tailored to your context and culture


  • Acceleration programs that build manager capabilities fast

  • Leadership and talent assessment of mindset, capabilities and culture add

Executive Coaching

"Life is like a 10-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use

- Charles M. Schultz

Exceptional leadership starts with confidence to dream big and reach unimagined goals.  


Starting with your strengths and what is most important to you, we help you to develop the behaviors and mindsets to improve your performance and realize your full potential.  

People Strategy

Working at the intersection of business strategy and talent strategy, we help ensure you have the committed, high performing talent you need today and in the future.  


With our innovation-based design approach, we uncover the unique people-based drivers and roadblocks to your success and develop a concrete set of strategic initiatives and roadmap to realize your goals.

You need exceptional talent.  We bring exceptional solutions. 

how we are different

We combine a unique blend of strategic perspective, expertise, and innovation with
an unshakable belief in the possible. 
  • Strategic Perspective

    Your business strategy should drive your people strategy.  Our strategic consulting background gives us a leg up in understanding your vision, goals, and capability needs, and in ensuring what we do directly impacts your bottom line.

  • Leadership Expertise

    Leadership development is a science as well as an art, and we've spent decades honing both.  We bring over 25-years experience in leadership and talent development, learning technology and innovative program design.


  • Innovation Focus

    Distinctive performance requires distinctive solutions. Our unique design-based innovation approach ensures your talent solutions meet the specific needs of your culture, people, and business context, and differentiate you in the talent marketplace.

what people say

"Marcia had tremendous impact on talent at McKinsey through her leadership of the firm's global People Strategy and more than a decade of investment in people development.  She is a smart, creative, and inspiring leader who brings people together to make positive lasting change"

Michelle Horn, Former SVP and Chief People Officer, Softbank


"Having interacted with Marcia in multiple settings, I'm always impressed by her insight into people and organizations and her passion for driving impact.  She is an engaging, intelligent and curious thought partner who helps people and organizations grow."

Jennifer Pendergast, 

Clinical Professor, Executive Director of the Kellogg School of Management Center for Family Enterprises

"Marcia's great strength is her fine judgment. You want to work with her because you know she is going to be able to cut through the clutter and get to the essence quickly.  Such a rare and valuable skill in our increasingly complex world."

Angus Ridgway, CEO, Potentialife

"Marcia's leadership in developing the Families First strategy and her skill in building trust with senior business executives is extraordinary.  I consider her an architect of strategy, she takes the time to listen and understand so a solid foundation is designed to build upon."

Courtney Showell, Principal, PwC, Board Chair of Families First Atlanta

"A huge thank you to Marcia Nuffer for her contributions to the Workplace Culture Report 2020. Her efforts and thought leadership were invaluable to our team of experts working on these workplace culture insights.”

Janine Yancey, Founder

and CEO, Emtrain