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Engagement… culture… diversity… organizational development…  change management… everything but the kitchen sink


"Marcia had tremendous impact on talent at McKinsey through her leadership of the firm's global People Strategy and more than a decade of investment in people development.  She is a smart, creative, and inspiring leader who brings people together to make positive lasting change"

Michelle Horn, Former SVP and Chief People Officer, Softbank


"A huge thank you to Marcia Nuffer for her contributions to the Workplace Culture Report 2020. Her efforts and thought leadership were invaluable to our team of experts working on these workplace culture insights.”

Janine Yancey, Founder

and CEO, Emtrain

"I have known and worked with Marcia for 20+ years.  She is whip-smart, forthright, and collaborative.  Her ability to "bring people along"in the company, a team, or on their individual pathways is incredible"

Jennifer Hartz, Founder and President, Corporate Hartz, LLC


"Marcia's great strength is her fine judgment.  You want to work with her because you know she is going to be able to cut through the clutter and get to the essence quickly.  Such a rare and valuable skill in our increasingly complex world."

Angus Ridgway, CEO, Potentialife