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leadership development

At BlueShor, we pride ourselves on innovative learning solutions that address your most important talent needs.  We know business strategy.  We know human development.  And we know what works to grow inspiring leaders who drive bottom-line impact.

who we serve

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Small to medium-size high growth companies
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Leadership and talent innovators
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Organizations facing transformational change

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Learning strategy and architecture

We start with a foundational belief - to have impact, business strategy has to drive learning strategy.  Period.  


We focus on the pivotal roles and core capabilities that drive bottom line impact. With a unique quantitative and human-centered design approach, we ensure your learning strategy is unique to you and addresses your most important business needs.


Example areas of impact:

  • Practical, high impact learning roadmaps for small- to mid-sized high growth companies

  • Remote learning architectures that bring capability-building to where your people are

  • Integrated leadership development strategies for high potentials through senior leaders

Leadership development

"Learning happens when someone wants to learn, not when someone wants to teach"

- Roger Schank

At BlueShor, we design all of our learning solutions to drive transformational, real-life behavior change.  We emphasize practice, peer learning, in-the-moment performance support, reflection, and feedback.


Of course, we also incorporate formal learning experiences in the journey.  In fact, we are quite good at them.  We are just passionate about behavior change that lasts long after a program.

Example impact areas include:

  • Leadership vision and goal setting

  • Managerial skills acceleration

  • People and team leadership

  • Top team effectiveness

  • Change leadership

Online Learning Innovation

Technology has the power to transform industries.  To open up new possibilities.  To be addictive.  


And technology has the power to unlock unparalleled personal growth - enabling people to be and to do things they never thought possible.


At BlueShor, we focus on online learning innovations that build real capabilities, increase connection, and provide support to your people over time. 

Our passion is not for cool technology.  Our passion is for bringing the best tools that are available to enable growth and performance for your people.