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The BlueShor Manager Accelerator

The Problem

Rapidly scaling manager capabilities is an unsolved pain point for almost all fast-growth companies.  

50% of new managers fail or flail

57% learned managerial skills through trial and error, as did their own managers.  63% report feeling ineffective after 1 year in the role

Promotions are often based on individual contributor skills

Good IC skills are necessary but not sufficient.  However, to date, there is no good way to assess other capabilities

The cost of poor managers is high

Managers account for 70% of the variation in employee experience. Cost of turnover is ~20-50% of salary, with lost productivity during the 6-9 month hiring and ramp-up cycle

Existing solutions are not designed for fast-growth companies

In person programs are time intensive and expensive.  One-size-fit-all approaches lack tailoring to the individual

Our Solution

The BlueShor Manager Accelerator provides individualized, practical, relevant skill-building that enables visible behavior change from week 1

Root causes, not symptoms

Improve upfront selection and identify individual development needs with a validated capability assessment

Practical, bite-sized learning

Increase learning uptake with practical "how to do this tomorrow" content reflective of the unique challenges of high-growth contexts

Behavior change, not theory

Focus your people's scarce time on applying new skills to their real work rather than sitting in classrooms

Demonstrable impact

See faster behavior change and performance improvement from week 1, with the metrics and reporting to prove it

Capability Assessment
Mircrolesson Library
Learning Sprints
Impact Measurement

It's All About the Individual

Behavior change is hard.  Neuroscience confirms it: adults learn best when change is relevant and important to achieving their goals.  The proprietary BlueShor Manager Capability Assessment helps people know where they stand today and where they need to develop to become a more effective manager
Manager Capability Assessment: Example Results
PNG Jovan - Overall results.png

Behavior change from week one

People don't learn to ski by watching a video and they don't learn to be managers by sitting in a classroom.  Our unique Learning Sprint approach supports each individual in building and applying new skills in the context of today's real work
Learning Sprint: Example Activities
Manager Accelerator Overview MAR
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