about blueshor

or.."one of a handful of people who understand the real strategic opportunity and impact of learning"
We believe that all people crave purpose, meaning, and growth throughout their lives, and that organizations that meet those needs achieve outsized engagement and performance.
We also believe that in the increasingly competitive marketplace for talent, companies struggle to stand out from the pack and uniquely demonstrate their commitment to people. 
BlueShor was founded by Marcia Nuffer to help growing companies do just that.  With over 25 years of strategy and leadership experience, BlueShor enables fast-growing companies to differentiate themselves and their performance with world-class talent solutions,  tailored to their unique needs, culture and people.

our values

We believe who we are is as important as what we do.  Our values make the experience of working with us as special as our solutions.     
Impact.  Obsessed with making a difference.
Curiosity.  Walk in with questions. Wonder what's possible.
Passion. Energy and  
enthusiasm always.
Strategic.  Quality and rigor. Innovation when it matters.
Human.  Build relationships.  Be honest. Be brave together. 

what makes us different

We combine a unique blend of perspective, expertise, and innovation with an
an unshakable belief in the possible. 
  • Strategic Perspective

    Our strategy consulting background gives us a leg up in understanding your vision, goals, and capability needs… ensuring what we do directly impacts your bottom line.

    Our talent solutions are always grounded in your business strategy:


    • Your aspirations and goals

    • Your talent priorities and pain-points


    • The pivotal roles and capabilities that will drive your growth

    With BlueShor you know that your talent investments will be directly tied to your business performance.

  • Leadership Expertise

    Leadership development is a science as well as an art and we've spent decades honing both.  

    • Over 25 years experience in leadership development, including as Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey

    • A global network of experts in adult development, program design, and learning technology 

    • Access to the latest thinking and innovation in leadership and talent development

    Our distinctive set of capabilities ensure you have the leadership and talent capacity to drive your success.

  • Innovation Focus

    Distinctive performance requires distinctive solutions.


    We apply the latest innovation approaches used in the business world to the world of talent:

    • A unique customer-insights approach to uncover the drivers of your employees' performance and engagement.

    • An ideation process that generates solutions specific to you

    • Rapid prototyping that maximizes the impact of your solutions

    With BlueShor, you don't just get innovation, you get innovation that matters to your business.

about marcia

Marcia is a distinctive leadership and talent executive, who brings a deep knowledge of learning and development, a strategic business and people perspective, and direct operating experience.  These perspectives inform all of her work, ensuring talent priorities and leadership capabilities directly accelerate business growth.


Marcia started her career as strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company, focused on helping organizations realize their business goals through organizational change and leadership development.   In 2003, Marcia became McKinsey’s Chief Learning Officer.  In this role, Marcia was responsible for building one of the most lauded global leadership development programs in the world.


Expanding into broader talent leadership roles in 2010, Marcia led the renewal of McKinsey’s People Strategy, updating the value proposition to talent and employee experience and engagement.  Marcia also played a leadership role in reengineering partner evaluation processes, assessing senior executives, and driving multiple firm-wide culture change initiatives.


Marcia has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia.  She is a certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and is certified in two of the most respected leadership assessment tools, Leadership Circle and Hogan.  Marcia has served on multiple non-profit boards and is currently vice chair of the board for Families First of Atlanta.

4810 Huntley Drive

Atlanta, GA 30342